Thursday, July 15, 2010


Stacie and I took the kids to the little splash park for some fun before they left for home. The kids had a great time.

Steel Days Parade

Somehow we ended up going to the Parade in American Fork early one Saturday morning. At 8:30. In the Morning. You know. Before 10 am. We managed to make it there and the kids got about 48 lbs of candy, so they thought it was awesome.

The girls helped Adam get candy. He doesn't quite have Mackenzie's technique down, but he was trying to keep up......

Cotton candy. Yum.

Katie brought her friend Madi, who spent the night, the nite before. They were tired. Hm. Wonder why.

Adam's got some awesome dance moves.

Baby Maren slept through most of the parade. Even with all the sirens and stuff. Plus I got to hold her while she slept. Yeay me!

Stacie and Maren.

Quit pinching her Katie.

Being Our Own Kind of Fashionable

Katie and I have been watching (aka stalking) some craft blogs lately and she found directions on how to make this skirt. She made it herself! Not too shabby Katie!Mackenzie posing, just for fun in her 4th of July best. Had to wear the right colors to church since the 4th was on a Sunday this year.

Mackenzie got colored hairspray for her birthday. Yeah. I was thrilled. So I made purple and fluorescent stripes in her braids one day. I fear that orange bottle may go missing.....

Happy 4th!

This is us waiting for the fireworks. It was cold, but we thought-hey this'll be fun, it'll be worth it. We waited over an hour for them to start. They started. Then, 14 minutes later, they ended. Then, 2 HOURS later we escape the traffic backup and finally get home. Worth it? You decide.

This is the sparklers with the flash off and my fireworks setting on. Pretty cool, eh????

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Well. She did it again. I said let's turn 5 instead of 7 this year. But as usual, she didn't listen. So I guess I have to admit that my baby girl is seven years old now. She had an awesome birthday. Tons of fun stuff. NEXT year we'll go back instead of forward, ok Kenz? Thanks Adam for the balloons full of money! Usually she keeps the balloons as long as possible, but not this time!
This year she had a neighborhood birthday pool party with our neighbor Kezlyn. Kezlyn and Mackenzie have birthdays one day apart. So we invited the girls in the neighborhood and they had a fun splashfest!

We hauled out the ole slip-n-slide......

Adam thought the slip n slide was pretty cool!

Mackenzie and Kezlyn with their birthday cupcakes. We had a fun girls day making the flowers for them together. They turned out darn cute, if we do say so ourselves.

The group. We did have a couple of boys come. They weren't afraid of cooties!

Breakfast in bed was crepes and grapes this year.

WOW! She got a Nintendo DS from Grandma K and Uncle Brad and Hannah! She was sooooo surprised!

Coldstone Creamery ice cream birthday cake we invited Grandma & Grandpa S, Adam, Maren & Stacie over to share with us.

Smedley Family Reunion Fun

Here are some of the highlights from the Smedley Fam Reunion 2010. Go Kennedy, Go Stacie
Go Kenzie.

Go Drewpert. Go Jamie.

Fun at the park.

A little basketball between relatives.

Hi Ho Silver! Horseback riding fun for Katie, Kennedy, Mackenzie and Elise.

Work it Aunt Mindy! Show those girls how it's done!

Katie riding Cowboy.

Mackenzie petting Callie.

Kennedy on Wasatch.

Our surprise for Grandma and Grandpa. As of this post I am STILL working on it, but it turned out cute. I have since added the wings to the handprint bees. Maren's teeny handprint is the cutest thing!

Utah Olympic Park.

Mackenzie and Adam watching the people ski and snowboard off the track and into the pool.

This picture totally cracks me up! Does Mackenzie need deodorant Maren?

Baby Maren




Some weird person we got a picture of.